• Plan and prepare your trip in advance.
• Respect wildlife.
• Turn off the air conditioning and the light while you are not in the hotel room.
• Avoid using clothes irons, dryers and hair straighteners. This reduces CO2 emissions.
• Avoid damaging coral reefs, which protect the shoreline from wave energy.
• Collects metallic waste as covers, since its degradation effect with water generates fish poisoning and affects corals.
• Do not throw garbage or plastics.
• Consider other visitors.
• Do not buy souvenirs made of plants and animals in danger of extinction.
• Do not feed the animals.
• Does not kill animals.
• Always try to buy and eat food that uses recyclable packaging or does not use it at all.
• Take plastic garbage bags and remove them from the place at the end of your stay, if it is not biodegradable, or deposit it in the bins or places demarcated by the competent authority, if it is biodegradable.
• Always cross the meadows on the marked trails and never step on the fields.
• Respect and take care of water sources.


personal items

personal care





• Authorization of minors to travel
Necessary when a minor travels abroad without his father.
• Travel dossier
Do not forget to travel with the Planning Day and the pdf of the guide.
• Driving license
Generally, the Spanish driving license is accepted.
• Electronic tickets
We recommend bringing several copies of the main pages.
• Travel insurance
Carry a copy of the policy in your wallet.
• Ticket reservations
Be sure to pack your booking confirmation and invoice.
• Hotel / Address vouchers
They can ask you at immigration control for your hotel details.
• Cash / credit cards
Put some euros in your wallet for the return.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.


• Mobile / Charger
Travel with your mobile charged to avoid running out of battery.
• Plug adapter
Two flat pin plugs are used in the USA.
• Pen / Notebook
On the plane or customs they will make you fill out a form.
• Leisure for the plane
Put magazines, books, games for children in your carry-on luggage.
• Video / photo camera
It is essential to carry ribbons, charger and batteries by hand.
• Sewing set / Safety pins
Put needles, threads, thimble, scissors, buttons and clasps in your bag.
• Replacement lenses and glasses
In the event of any unforeseen event, always have a spare set.
• Glasses and contact lenses
They do not allow containers of more than 100 ml to rise.
• Electronic passport
Those that incorporate a chip on their back cover.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.


• Toothpaste / Toothbrush
For carry-on baggage purposes, they are considered liquids.
• Gel / Shampoo
If you are going to store it in hand luggage, the container must not exceed 100 ml.
• Comb brush
Put in the suitcase a comb of small proportions.
• Moisturizer
If your container contains more than 100 ml, you must put it in the suitcase.
• Cologne
Choose a cologne or perfume in a hard plastic container.
• Deodorant
Go for deodorants that protect the environment, without fragrances or alcohol.
• Nail clipper
Preferably small to avoid customs problems.
• Shaving set
Travel with everything you use to shave as many hotels dispense with this service.
• Tweezers for plucking
Necessary for female intimate care.
• Makeup
Check that all containers are tightly closed.
• Wet wipes and tissues
They will be of great help to you in the event of any unforeseen event.


• Sweater
Pack a cotton jacket in your carry-on luggage to protect yourself from the cold during the flight.
• Flip flops
If you are going to take a dip in the pool, you will need to pack flip-flops.
• Underwear
Keep a change in your carry-on luggage so you don't run out of clothes in the event that your suitcase is lost or your flight is delayed.
• Cotton shirts
Preferably in light colors and natural fibers (linen, cotton).
• Pants / Skirt
Choose comfortable clothes to walk around the city.
• Footwear
Travel in comfortable shoes and slippers.
• Jackets / Sweaters
Lean for knitwear.
• Hat
It will help you to withstand the high temperatures that are registered in this part of the planet.
• Socks / Pantyhose / Stockings
Be sure to wear these items according to the season you are traveling in.
• Sleeping clothes
Pack pajamas, footwear, and goggles for relaxation.
• Label Clothing
You will need pants, dresses, ties, shoes, ... to go to certain restaurants and shows.
• Swimsuit / Bikini
At any time, don't forget to pack your swimsuit as hotels usually have heated swimming pools.


• Medications and prescriptions
If you suffer from any medical illness or disease, please travel with a medical report in English.
• Chewing gums
They avoid possible earaches on take off and landing.
• Contraceptive methods
You may find some kind of problem to get it at your destination.
• Compresses / Tampons
They prevent uncomfortable situations.
• Earplugs
To rest during your trip, pack some ear plugs.
• Lip cream
Indispensable to combat extreme conditions.
• Glycerin suppositories
Indicated to relieve constipation.
• Cure material
You should not miss round-tipped scissors, tweezers, gauze, plasters and antiseptic solution in your first-aid kit.
• Dimethicone
Calms the accumulation of gases.
• Almagato
They help alleviate gastric acidity.
• Solar protection
Put self-protective cream and lip cocoa in the suitcase.
• Tetrazepam / Paracetamol-methocarbamol
They are often used to relax the muscles.
• Paracetamol
Take this medicine in case of fever.
They relieve headaches, muscle aches and menstrual discomfort.
• Dimenhydrinate
A drug used to treat symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
• Thermometer
Digital, handset, with infrared but never mercury.
• Water
Make sure you consume drinking water.
• Desloratadine / Cetirizine
Medicines that fight allergies.