Business intelligence

It is an advanced technology software that consolidates the 100% of corporate travel purchases allowing access from any device in real time and having the information you want at hand.

Some of the standard reports we have are:

    • Travel expenses and other corporate expenses
    • Consumption by supplier
    • Top travelers
    • Consumption by department
    • Top frequent destinations
    • CO2 carbon footprint report
    • Budget execution
    • Unused tickets.
    • Savings generated.
    • Other reports to the client's need.

Online Booking Tool (OBT)

If currently requests for travel and corporate expenses are by email or by phone, it is time to automate it; in this way, the time of your collaborators will be more efficient and the management information will always be available to the company.

Aeroviajes Pacifico is an expert corporate travel agency in the use and integration of technology to generate savings and efficiency in corporate travel and / or expenses for companies; In this way, many of the manual processes related to the reservation and management of corporate trips will be automatic.

Our technological knowledge and our deep experience in the corporate travel sector allows us to combine your organization with an online booking solution adapted to how you work, some of the characteristics of our OBT (on line Booking tool) are:
      • Traveler profile
      • Automation of approval flows
      • Travel policy control
      • Budget control
      • One-click approval
      • Other modules that will allow you to overcome the challenges of your corporate travel program.
Talk to one of our experts to discuss how we can improve your corporate travel and spending processes seeking the best benefit to offer you.

Ticket tracking

Aeroviajes Pacifico has a tool linked directly to the airlines' systems that allows us to permanently track and monitor that air tickets that our clients bought were not used; in this way they enter a strict control until they are reused or reimbursed.

Management of Corporate Hotels

Through our technology and a team of trained collaborators, we manage agreements with national and international corporate hotels, which allows us to have special rates with the minimum characteristics of corporate hotels such as:

      • It includes breakfast
      • Wifi
      • Flexibility of penalties
      • Final price including taxes.

Say goodbye to hotel quotes by email, with this technology, officials will be able to immediately select the accommodation they require at the same time that they purchase the air ticket.

Notifications of alteration in itineraries

We have software that is permanently reviewing our passenger's reservations and automatically and instantly informs information about delays, itinerary changes and cancellations, in this way we will keep the corporate travel leader and his traveler informed.

Multi GDS

Aeroviajes Pacifico has multiple systems that have the inventory of corporate airlines, accommodation, vehicle rental, among others; As we are an IATA travel agency, we have a direct relationship without intermediaries with the most important suppliers and these software are connected to the OBT, thus consolidating the products.

Management and administration app

Our commitment is to be close to our clients, that is why as a corporate travel agency we have developed an App tool designed to improve the experience that each corporate traveler has and give them the possibility to have the tool in their hand where they can request their corporate trips, travel expenses and others corporate expenses.

Ticket reduction system

We can guarantee the constant monitoring of the air tickets you have bought, with the aim of looking for if the airline reduces the value of that same itinerary, in this way if a price drop is detected we can issue a new ticket and send the previous one to reimbursement, achieving savings.

Corporate expenses software

Say goodbye to petty cash receipts and manual legalizations, with this tool your employees will be able to request money for any corporate expense they require and this will only be delivered if the boss authorizes it with a click.

Also from the same tool they will be able to legalize the consummated expense, attaching a photo of the invoice and complying with the approval flow of this corporate expense.

Your employees will be able to make the request from anywhere in the world and the bosses will also be able to approve those expenses without having to be in person, have all the traceability in a single system and you can integrate your ERP so that it is automatically accounted for, generating efficiency in the process.

Integrations with ERP

Our expert development team will be in charge of integrating all corporate travel and expense information into your software; in this way you will have the most accurate, fast and efficient information because you will not have people typing this information.



• Authorization of minors to travel
Necessary when a minor travels abroad without his father.
• Travel dossier
Do not forget to travel with the Planning Day and the pdf of the guide.
• Driving license
Generally, the Spanish driving license is accepted.
• Electronic tickets
We recommend bringing several copies of the main pages.
• Travel insurance
Carry a copy of the policy in your wallet.
• Ticket reservations
Be sure to pack your booking confirmation and invoice.
• Hotel / Address vouchers
They can ask you at immigration control for your hotel details.
• Cash / credit cards
Put some euros in your wallet for the return.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.