Learn about the seven travel trends of Colombians for 2022

Booking revealed the results of its study 'Travel Predictions 2022 ′, a survey in which the travel platform consulted more than 24,000 people from 31 countries -including Colombia-, to know what the trends of travelers are for 2022. In the case of Colombians, there are seven, among which The interest in knowing new places and the need to be in spaces that contribute to their peace of mind stand out.

1. Wellness and travel

Colombians in 2022 plan to turn vacations as a form of personal self-care and that is why the fundamental thing is the mental and emotional part, for this that destinations with a space of tranquility and calm will be the best selection. 

2. Take a break from teleworking

Although teleworking has several positive points, they also tend to generate a routine that is specifically linked to the home or the place that we consider to be of rest, that is why changing the environment becomes a priority for the next holiday season and any of national or international destinations help you get out of the routine.  

3. Travel as if it were the first time

According to the Booking research, a 6% of the Colombians surveyed expressed that those who most wait is the beginning of the trip, while a 78% stated that "they enjoy more when the trip itself is part of the vacation."

4. Community tourism

In 2022, Colombians not only plan to enjoy their travels more and rest from work, but also seek to support local tourism throughout Colombia. According to the metasearch study, the 69% of national travelers indicated that for the crossings they make next year, they will take into account that each one of them benefits the community of the destination.

5. New faces and places

“Travelers are expected to use their vacations as an opportunity to broaden their social circle, because a 79% from the traveling community is eager to socialize on their travels,” said Booking research.

6. Say "yes" and go with the flow

“After hearing 'no' for so long, in 2022 people want a more positive mindset. In fact, a 63% is going to completely change everything that he had chosen before and now he is going to prefer a flexible holiday in which it is better to let go instead of having a well-organized itinerary full of activities ”, revealed the Booking study.

7. Accept the unpredictable

The latest trend for Colombians for travel in 2022 will be to accept anything that may happen, because with the pandemic still in the world, everything can change overnight. In this way, the 75% of the Colombians indicated that it will look for services that suggest which destinations to travel to, depending on the restrictions of the place where it is located and where it will go.

Source: https://www.infobae.com/america/colombia/2021/11/27/conozca-las-siete-tendencias-de-viaje-de-los-colombianos-para-2022/



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• Authorization of minors to travel
Necessary when a minor travels abroad without his father.
• Travel dossier
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• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.
• ESTA travel authorization
It is requested on its website 72 hours before boarding.